• Product Name:Lysine sulphate
  • Molecular Formula:C6H14N2O2 . 1/2 H2O4S
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:0

Product Details

Reliable Quality Factory Customized Supply Lysine sulphate 60343-69-3

  • Molecular Formula:C6H14N2O2 . 1/2 H2O4S
  • Molecular Weight:0
  • PSA:0.00000 
  • LogP:0.00000 

Lysine sulphate(Cas 60343-69-3) Usage


L-Lysine sulphate, with the chemical formula C6H14N2O2S, has the CAS number 60343-69-3. It appears as a white crystal line powder with no odor. The basic structure of L-Lysine sulphate consists of a lysine molecule attached to a sulfate group. This compound is soluble in water. L-Lysine sulphate is considered to be safe for use in food and dietary supplements. However, it may cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Ingestion of large amounts of L-Lysine sulphate may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is important to handle this chemical with care and follow proper safety precautions when working with it.


L-Lysine sulphate is commonly used in animal feed as a source of essential amino acid lysine. It plays a crucial role in the growth and development of animals. The mechanism of action in animal nutrition involves providing the necessary building blocks for protein synthesis and promoting overall health and performance in animals. L-Lysine sulphate is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of various drugs and medications. It can be found in formulations for the treatment of herpes infections, cold sores, and other viral diseases. The mechanism of action in pharmaceuticals involves inhibiting the replication of viruses and promoting the healing process.


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