• Product Name:Boc-His(Trt)-Aib-Glu(OBtu)-Gly-OH
  • Molecular Formula:C45H56N6O9
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:825.0 g/mol

Product Details

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  • Molecular Formula:C45H56N6O9
  • Molecular Weight:825.0 g/mol
  • XLogP3-AA:5.2

Boc-His(Trt)-Aib-Glu(OBtu)-Gly-OH(Cas 1890228-73-5) Usage


Boc-His(Trt)-Aib-Glu(OtBu)-Gly-OH is a white to off-white powder with the molecular formula C45H56N6O9 and a molecular weight of 825.1. It has the following CAS number: 1890228-73-5.


Boc-His(Trt)-Aib-Glu(OtBu)-Gly-OH is a bulk drug intermediate. It is also a semaglutide building block.

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