• Product Name:diammonium phosphonate
  • Molecular Formula:H9N2O3P
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:116.0568

Product Details

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  • Molecular Formula:H9N2O3P
  • Molecular Weight:116.0568
  • Vapor Pressure:0Pa at 25℃ 
  • PKA:6.87[at 20 ℃] 
  • PSA:79.94000 
  • Density:0.979[at 20℃] 
  • LogP:0.81900 

Diammonium phosphonate(Cas 22132-71-4) Usage


Sub/micron to mesh powders (near/spheres, whiskers, flake, fiber, porous) and grain/ball, thin/ thick metal / alloys pieces / parts, thin and thick (particle) film materials /target, and custom-made crystals, substrates/parts.
Uses Diammonium phosphate (DAP) should only be used to supplement severely deficient juices/musts. Applied in food field. Diammonium phosphonate can improve the immune system and prolong life. Appliedin cosmetic field. It can improve the skin care. Applied in pharmaceutical field. It can treat various dieases.


22132-71-4 Relevant articles

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Jerry P. Moreau and Leon H. Chance

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Small amounts of by-products, believed to be the monoand diammonium salts of ADPT… phosphonate group is half ester and half salt, whereas in the diammonium salt both phosphonate …

Chiral Supramolecular Polymer Formed via Host-Guest Complexation of an Octaphosphonate Biscavitand and a Chiral Diammonium Guest

Koki Hamada, Daisuke Shimoyama, Takehiro Hirao, Takeharu Haino

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, Volume 95, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 621–627

Chirality introduces an advanced playground in the field of synthetic polymer chemistry.1–3 Stereogenic centers, axes and planes can be installed on polymer backbones, offering chiral polymers with novel functions such as chiral separation,4–7 catalysis,8–11 sensing,12 etc., which are associated with their chirality.